May 5th and 6th, 2014 | New York City

Location05, 509 West 34th St.

We are back again! Bringing you speakers on cutting edge of Javascript: in the Browser, on the Server, with robots and hardware, and in ways we don’t even know yet!

console.log("... It’s Computer SCIENCE.");

Need more convincing? Just check out the photos from EmpireJS 2012


TimeMonday, May 5th (Day 1)Tuesday, May 6th (Day 2)
9:00am Sorting Algorithms in Javascript Jenn Schiffer Build Artifacts in Source Control Clay Smith
9:40am Anatomy of a Successful Module Trevor Landau Preventing XSS & CSRF Jeremy Stashewsky
10:20am The Final Frontier Domenic Denicola Bits of Nodebots.Next Rick Waldron
11:00am BeagleBone Black: The versatile JS underdog Kassandra Perch Hacking Webforms with Phantom.js Alyssa Ravasio
11:40am Exploiting a Pocket Universe Drew Petersen MyDB Guillermo Rauch
1:10pm The Road to Web Components Tom Dale BigPipe Arnout Kazemier
1:50pm Backbone.Marionette and RequireJS Daniel Cousineau Transitioning Groupon to node.js Sean McCullough
2:30pm The no build system build system Peter Müller Hacking Art with Node.js and Image Analysis John Resig
3:30pm Front-end Style Guides and Greenfields Mark Wunsch WebRTC can be easy Michelle Bu
4:10pm Gadgets for Holistic Web Detection Eric Shepherd The hidden benefits of static analysis Kirill Cherkashin Tsering Shrestha
4:50pm Lesser Known Debugging Techniques Amjad Masad Easing into ECMAScript 6 and Beyond Ben Newman
5:30pm Code Memes David Byrd Pixel Art and Javascript Vince Allen
6:00pm Statue of Liberty Cruise
(Dinner & Drinks provided on-board)
Closing Party at LightBox
with programmable walls.
Sponsored by Bloomberg



NYC = No Yutzes Central

By attending EmpireJS you agree not to be a yutz. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. We'd like to thank our friends at JSConf for the longer, less yiddish filled Code of Conduct we happily uphold.